angry family

A family is an intricate system with each member affecting the others in powerful, complex ways. When one member is in trouble the whole family is effected and all can usually benefit from counseling. Each member gains a voice, and awareness of possible conscious and unconscious ways they contribute to the problem. In fact, permanent change occurs faster when the whole family comes for help.

A divorced famly headed up by a single parent, or a blended family has unique challenges. This can be confusing, especially in terms of parenting and discipline. A child’s emotional needs are greatly increased during and after a divorce. This can look like irritability, increased crying, fearfulness, decreased school performance, substance abuse, depression, aggression or acting out. And it comes at a time when the divorced parent is at their own emotional low and least likely to handle it constructively.  The top three challenges for blended families are discipline, resolving conflict and division of responsibility. Extra challenges call for extra tools. Ask for help. 

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