What OUTCOME do you want?
There are three outcomes meeting planners and speakers need to consider: 1. What OUTCOME do you want for the people in the audience? a. What do you want them to be able to do? b. What do you want them to be able to do differently or better? c. What do you want them to stop doing? 2. What OUTCOME does the leadership want or expect? After all, conferences expend significant corporate resources. There needs to be an ROI for the meeting budget. How will they measure success? 3. What OUTCOME do you, the meeting planner, want? What do you want the attendees saying after the conference has ended? How will you measure success?
You have been exposed to the idea of meeting planners and speakers being in a partnership. It’s actually an admirable concept as long as the partners are focused on the same objective.  Our joint objective needs to be:  achieving the desired outcomes of everyone involved.
A value-added selling idea for professional meeting planners. “There are two types of people in the world: those who know they are in sales and those who don’t.” As a meeting planner, you are constantly selling and, you must sell UPSTREAM and DOWNSTREAM. UPSTREAM - You must sell your ideas and your budget to whoever “holds the keys”. Once you understand what the best outcome form your conference will be, you develop the details. You identify the best dates, the venue, the agenda, the meals, the speakers and a few thousand other details. When you need additional resources to produce the best event, you must go upstream and sell. DOWNSTREAM - People must be enticed to attend your next meeting and to show up with the right attitude. Over time you have learned how to develop notifications and invitations that attract people to your event. This is a form of sales. How can you improve your “closing rate” for attracting attendees? A tool you can use to qualify and quantify your meetings budget is the Meeting Planner’s ROI (MPROI) Calculator. Check it out with free access and a tutorial by clicking on the image to the right.